Why you should shop vintage

Never shopped vintage before? Don't see the appeal? Here are some reasons why you should shop vintage:

When buying vintage, you're buying clothes that are unique or rare! 

When shopping vintage, its often that you'll stumble upon some rare gems and vintage designer pieces to add to your wardrobe! Your chances of matching anyone else is also highly unlikely. Wearing vintage ensures that you'll have your own unique look. Since it's not something displayed in store windows, you have an opportunity to be really creative.

Most vintage clothing was created with durable fabrics that will last. 

Unfortunately, a lot of clothing in today's fast fashion chain stores are made of cheap materials to save on costs. This also means that the quality is not as good as it used to be. Most vintage items were created with more attention to detail and have proven their higher quality.

Vintage = Recycling = Saving the Planet

Fast fashion is having a detrimental impact on our environment and our planet. Mass producing cheap, trendy garments is not sustainable - and these garments are quick to end up in a landfill. Make the switch, and keep vintage in rotation! 

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