How to wear jeans if you think they're boring

Blue jeans are a staple in anyone's closet. Everyone wears them and I can't think of someone who doesn't own a pair of blue jeans. However, even if you got 'em, not everyone is a big fan of the blue jean. In fact, some people find them super boring and prefer to wear funkier bottoms.

Here are some tips on wearing jeans if you think they're boring:

  • Toss a dress overtop of your jeans - Dresses don’t have to be dresses. A lot of dresses in your closet can be worn as tunics or tops. Try wearing one overtop some denim.
  • Pair your "boring" jeans with crazy boots and a fun top - not every single item in your outfit needs to be unique and flashy. Try a simple straight leg jean with a fun patterned top and colourful boots.
  • Canadian Tuxedo - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Why not go all out and wear denim on denim. This look definitely isn't boring.

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